A person pointing at a whiteboard with post-it notes.

Where it all Began

Stressful experiences in the workplace are universal. After leaving many positions feeling unsatisfied, I realised that maybe if I had been given the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings in a constructive way (kinda like that final interview you have with HR) that I might not have needed to leave to find what I was looking for.

We created this app to give a voice to employees like myself who sit in the background with a fear of retribution if we say something constructive that might be perceived negatively. It is time to change and work together as a team to create a way of working for all not as employees but as individuals. Let's throw tradition out of the window and create a working environment that works for us all.

Anonimoo aims above all to give team managers the information they need to understand what their teams are really thinking without singling out individuals and hopefully along the way a few suggestions on how to tackle these problems.

To find out more about improving your team's experience and encourage a healthy work/life balance, get in touch today for an informal chat.

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