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Tailored Survey

Our surveys will be adapted towards your focuses and aims, allowing you to get clear answers and address areas you could enhance to help your company. A therapist and work coach will watch these to perfect your survey.

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Powerful Dashboard

With our simple but powerful dashboard you will be able to assess surveys overall, as well as analyse your progression using our trend features. Understand how your team is feeling over a week, month, quarter or even a year.


By using an impersonal data collection method, participants can complete the surveys accurately providing you with best results. Offering you informative feedback to implement within your team.

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A quick and easy way to find out how your team is feeling.

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  • Team temperature check (Free*)

    • Basic one question
    • Up to 8 participants
    • Team discussion forum
    • Anonymous results
  • Team temperature check PRO

    • Anonimoo custom survey and feedback
    • Up to 20 participants
    • Team discussion forum
    • Save and analyse results
  • Anonimoo TeamKeeper

    • Work hand in hand with an Anonimoo team member
    • Tailored surveys
    • Analyse results and receive feedback through our survey Dashboard

*Anonimoo has the right to
withdraw this free option at any time

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Keep the team happy

  • Get to the cause of team problems
  • Actionable feedback
  • No fuss, simple and easy

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How To Increase Mental Health Awareness In Your Team

Remote work is something that has boomed in the past two years. While some of us have been lucky enough to return to the workplace, many of us are still missing out on the benefits of being around our teams. Working remotely can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but the distance that remote teams face can bring serious drawbacks.

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Reasons Why Anonymous Surveys Work So Well In The Workplace

As a manager, it can be hard to understand what your team is truly thinking, with the fear of reprimand, team members can appear to be happy and enthusiastic, but their actual thoughts might not be what you think.

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Team Meetings

Teams appreciate a workplace that focuses on their well-being, leaving team members happier and staying with their companies for longer. Managers should talk to their teams about their well-being regularly, but this is sometimes easier said than done, Anonimoo helps to highlight issues in the team and key topics to focus on within team meetings.

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Anonimoo is an anonymous online survey resource allowing administrative parties’ insight into the wellbeing of their teams.

Our purpose is to prompt discussions within your teams to encourage a positive impact, resulting in a happier workforce.

Whether your team is remote, or office based, provide your teams with a voice to encourage discussions.

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